Switcher Comparison

Switcher Comparison - It's not as daunting as you think

Stop! If you’re struggling to switch your mortgage in Ireland, you’re not alone. Many are daunted by this seemingly complex procedure. Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution. By understanding the property value, getting legal advice, and following few more steps, you can smoothly switch over. Do you want to know more? Send a message or Contact Us – let’s start your stress-free mortgage switch today.

Let's Discuss Your Switcher Comparison

Need help unravelling the costs of switching a mortgage in Ireland – it’s not as daunting as you think! It’s no secret that mortgage switch can bring concern about costs, but let’s break it down. Legal fees (more cost effective for switcher than first time buyer in lieu of less work involved), valuations, and breakage costs might pop up, but with generous cashback deals offered by many lenders, it’s manageable! If you need to unlock more insights about the Irish mortgage switch, call us now or send us a message!

How long does it take to switch a mortgage in Ireland? Best case scenario is 4 weeks if all parties involved more optimally but 6-8 weeks is more realistic expectation based on average case.

Warning: Watch out for Breakage charges that could be incurred from coming out of a fixed rate early. Sometimes there are none but sometimes there are, so its worth assessing this before initiating any switch!

Warning: Be cautious about switching in a rising interest rate environment as a couple of rate hikes by ECB could erode the savings on your switch, particularly if there are delays to drawing down new loan.

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The Switch and Save Application

Rate Comparison sheet on Switcher Over a 30 year term.

North Dublin Mortgages Best 4 year Fixed Rate 3.65% Best Variable Rate 4.15%.

Mortgage €400,000, Mortgage repayment €1,828 per month.

Have a Look at Some of the Current Market Leading Rates Below:

Haven: Variable interest rate 4.15%

€400,000 mortgage, You pay €1,944 per month. Switch and Save €€€ per month with North Dublin Mortgages

Haven: 4 year Fixed Green Rate 3.65%, APR 4.1%

€400,000 mortgage, You pay €1,828 per month. Switch and Save €€€ per month with North Dublin Mortgages.

PTSB: 5 year Fixed Green Rate 4.35%, APR 4.45%

€400,000 mortgage, You pay €1,980 per month. Switch and Save €€€ per month with North Dublin Mortgages.

Permanent TSB: Managed Variable rate 4.3%, APR 4.43%

€400,000 mortgage, You pay €1,980 per month. Switch and Save €€€ per month with North Dublin Mortgages.

**As some providers are more rate focused, others provide value with cashback deals that are a useful way to provide immediate funds to fit out home 1 month after mortgage drawdown. Be sure to ask about different offers!

Terms and conditions apply. Rates correct 8/12/2023.

Above is best rate based on LTV of 90% or less. Mark Cahill Financial Services Limited t/a Mark Cahill Financial Services, North Dublin Mortgages, Company Pension, Pension Dublin is regulated by the Central Bank Of Ireland.

Warning: If you do not keep up your repayments you may lose your home.

Warning: The cost of your monthly repayments may increase.

Warning: You may have to pay charges if you pay off a fixed-rate loan early.

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